Advocacy & Consulting is a full service California business lobbying firm.  We provide targeted advocacy, governmental strategies and public relations

Our team of experienced California lobbyists, governmental and public relations staff offers wrap-around strategic advocacy, planning, and access for clients to navigate and be successful within the legislative and executive branches of California state and local government.

Advocacy & Consulting specializes in small business and Hitech business interests with emergent technologies, information technology, green energy, and manufacturing, as well as education, insurance, air resources, public safety, health, transportation, water and agriculture.

Through our established relationships with the Governor and policy makers on both sides of the political aisle, our Sacramento advocates have enabled corporations, associations and non-profits to advance their interests in the State Capitol. These successes include California’s state and local government, state Legislature and state agency regulatory licensing processes.

The menu links to the left offer public resources such as Cal Access, lobbying, campaign contributions and expenditures, California Secretary of State, identifying your Senator or Assembly Member, and more. We hope these resources will help you in learning more about influencing public policy as California advocates, and welcome your inquiries.


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