California Lobbying Firm: Meet Our Team

Advocacy & Consulting utilizes a team of skilled California lobbyists, legal counsel, public outreach and campaign managers to strategically address the advocacy, market share, and public relations needs of our diverse clients.

Matt Gray, Sacramento lobbyist public policy advocate lobbying firm

Matt Gray

Matt Gray has more than 23 years of direct experience working both in the Capitol as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Dean of the California State Legislature John Vasconcellos, and supervising successful advocacy efforts for clients.  Having strong connections with lawmakers and staff, Matt is accomplished at developing public safety reform, Hitech green energy projects, educational reform, and small business economic development among other things.  Matt was recently honored by lawmakers on the Senate Floor for his record of public service and selfless deeds in an exceptionally rare event in which standing Legislative Rules were waived so as to allow Matt (as a registered lobbyist) upon the Senate Floor during legislative Session to receive the Senate Resolution.  In the November, 2010, General Election, Sacramento area voters elected Matt as City Councilman for the newly proposed City of Arden Arcade.  While the formation of the city was not approved by voters, and thus a City Council was not needed, Matt continues to be an active member in his community on issues affecting small businesses and improving Sacramento’s economic viability.  A graduate from the California State University, Sacramento, Matt’s formal education is in Organic Chemistry, Public Relations and Mass Media.  Read more about Matt…

Lisa Kaplan
of Counsel

Attorney Lisa M. Kaplan, is an elected School Board member, former Assistant Executive Officer for the State Allocation Board, and former Capitol staff member in the California State Legislature.  Lisa brings her knowledge of law, school construction, school funding, government and policy to The Kaplan Group, as it’s Legal Counsel and CEO.Prior to opening The Kaplan Group, Lisa was appointed as the Assistant Executive Officer for the State Allocation Board, which allocates the state portion of school construction dollars for all districts in the State of California. Preceding this, Ms. Kaplan managed L&B Associates, a governmental affairs consulting firm. Lisa also practiced general litigation, business and contracts law, as well as, consulted for the LaPena Law Corporation, specializing in Native American cultural resource management and protection at the state and federal level, issues surrounding NAGPRA, and monitored all issues affecting Native American interests at the California State Legislature.  Lisa has lobbied the California State Legislature, specializing in areas of employee relations, wireless telecommunication, insurance, privacy, workers compensation, healthcare, association management, and business interests.  As a legislative advocate, Lisa represented Sprint-Nextel, Keenan & Associates, Reed Elsevier, Inc., California Court Reporters Association, California Association of State Hearing Reporters, and Hershey’s Food Corporation.  Read more about Lisa…

Nanette Farag
Campaigns Specialist

Nanette Farag has been working in California’s political arena for more than 13 years. Her professional career has garnered her experience in the Legislature, the Executive Branch, as well as grassroots and statewide political campaigns. Having worked in nearly every aspect of government, Nanette has a unique perspective and understanding of California’s diverse political climate.  Nanette specializes in public safety, business, environment, education, and agriculture issues. A three time Gubernatorial Appointee, she spent the last two years on the campaign trail during the 2010 gubernatorial election, serving as the Chief Deputy Coalitions Director for Meg 2010. While the campaign was ultimately unsuccessful, Nanette secured some of the toughest endorsements for the candidate, and organized one of the largest grassroots coalitions ever seen in a gubernatorial election.Prior to her campaign work, Nanette worked in the private sector healthcare company as the Director of Government and Public Affairs, as well as overseeing the non-profit arm of the organization. Her many responsibilities includes creating a strong community program that funded free healthcare screenings to children without medical coverage.  Read more about Nanette…

Stephanie Becker
Public Relations &
Grassroots Coordinator

Stephanie Becker specializes in Public Relations and Marketing, providing a variety of services to a wide range of clients.  She is skilled at creatively capturing the attention of targeted markets, with a high degree of efficiency, through proven messaging strategies.Having worked as Publicly Chair for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Step Out! To Fight Diabetes Walk, the Robertson Adult Day Health Care Center Project, the California State Information Officers Council (SiOC), and Caltran’s “Slow for the Cone Zone” campaign throughout California, Stephanie has a knack for creating a buzz about her clients’ public relations needs.  Her successful campaigns illustrate her ability to relate to and capture the attention of crowds within diverse demographics.  As an active contributor to improving her community, Stephanie was recently awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award from Sacramento’s Public Relations Association (SPRA).  She also works on the bi-annual Audiothon sponsored by K.Y.D.S. 91.5 FM, in Sacramento.  Stephanie is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento, where she graduated with honor and received her Bachelor’s in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing.


David Warren
Political Consultant

David Warren is a 39 year veteran of the Capitol. His career began as a staff member to California State Assembly Speaker Jesse Unruh. From there David earned his law degree, and went on to practice in criminal defense, civil rights, and other areas of law for 30 years before returning to Sacramento.  Prior to joining Advocacy & Consulting, David was one of the original advocates for Taxpayers for Improving Public Safety (TiPS), as a regular participant in both the Senate and Assembly Committees on Public Safety; Senate Rules Committee, Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee (4) on State Administration concerning prison issues; the California Rehabilitation Oversight Board (CROB); and special Senate hearings on such matters as prison health and racial integration of California’s inmate population.  David is known for his fair minded and Socratic well reasoned approach to problem solving.  He is very active in the Jewish community, and is also a volunteer Jewish Chaplain.  In that role he has participated in the formulation of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Kosher food program, and has visited 27 of the 34 state prisons, from Pelican Bay to R.J. Donovan.